Sample Procurement Documents from Disability:IN Partners Part One: Integrating Accessibility Language


On this page: Disability:IN’s global corporate partners are leading the way in incorporating accessibility into even the most complex procurement environments. Explore the documents they have developed for integrating accessibility language in the journey toward a digitally inclusive workplace.

Accessibility Language in Supplier Codes of Conduct Get link to section Accessibility Language in Supplier Codes of Conduct

  • Accenture Supplier Standards of Conduct:
    “Client Value Creation: Ensure accessibility to Persons with Disabilities: Accenture suppliers must ensure that accessibility needs are included as part of their own procurement processes. Accenture suppliers who sell or license hardware, software, web, learning and information technology or offer technology solutions as part of their products and services must also ensure that all products, software and/or services that are provided to Accenture meet all relevant accessibility standards, including (but not limited to) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0AA (WCAG 2.0 AA) or any update or revision to these Guidelines.”
    Full Accenture Supplier Standards of Conduct available here(External link).
  • IBM Accessibility Guidelines for Suppliers
    “Suppliers and vendors that sell or license software, hardware, Web, Learning, and information technology (IT) products and services (i.e., deliverables) to IBM must provide documentation that the deliverables are accessible. Accessible means that the information technology and any accompanying information conforms to required accessibility laws, regulations, standards and technical guidelines so that deliverables can be used successfully by people who have disabilities.”
    Full IBM Accessibility guidelines for suppliers available here(External link).
  • JP Morgan Chase & Co. Supplier Standards Code of Conduct
    “The firm actively encourages Suppliers to embrace diversity in their own business practices by documenting a diversity and inclusion approach that includes ways to identify, measure and improve inclusion and embedding accessibility standards that go beyond minimum compliance.”
    Full JP Morgan Chase & Co. Suppliers Standard of Conduct available here(External link).
  • Microsoft Supplier Code of Conduct Accessibility: Creating products, apps, and services that are accessible to people with disabilities is a core tenet of Microsoft culture, to fulfill not only our legal obligations but also our mission of empowering every person on the planet to do more. Each Microsoft Supplier must comply with:
    • The current version of the international accessibility standard Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Level AA when creating any deliverable;
    • All applicable Microsoft requirements and standards for creating accessible products, apps, and services.

Full Microsoft Supplier Code of Conduct available here(External link).

Accessibility Language in Master Services Agreements Get link to section Accessibility Language in Master Services Agreements

(g) Supplier to comply with Microsoft Policies. Supplier will comply with the following as applicable to the Services provided.

(5) Any device, product, website, web-based application, cloud service, software, or content developed for or provided by or on behalf of Supplier or Supplier’s Affiliate under this Agreement must comply with all legal and Microsoft-provided accessibility requirements, including Level A and AA Success Criteria of the latest published version of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (“WCAG”)(External link) . An overview of WCAG is available here(External link) and WCAG Version 2.0 is codified as ISO/IEC 40500:2012.

Download the Microsoft Master Services Agreement here(External link).

Other Documents Incorporating WCAG into the Procurement Process Get link to section Other Documents Incorporating WCAG into the Procurement Process

The JPMorgan Chase Third Party Provider (TPP) WCAG Standard impacts vendor relations when a third-party provider “interacts via digital and/or electronic content offered via applicable JPMC online and mobile properties, or as otherwise indicated by the TPP Agreement and/or JPMC Relationship Manager (or Delivery Manager as the case may be) as being applicable.”

The document includes items such as “types of criteria and associated evidence that JPMC uses to assess WCAG compliance,” and the vendors obligation when it “experiences a defect with WCAG testing.

Full JPMC TPP WCAG Standard [PDF](External link).

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